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Maya is a Tamil television series. The show is based on the backdrop of the medical industry and the world of doctors. It is a soap opera which curtails the show’s story in an enthralling journey where doctors and medical practitioners are highlighted and focused on. This television show comes on screen from Monday through all the way to Friday. It is telecasted at 09: 30 p. m., on the Tamil television channel of Jaya TV. The show was launched in the year 2012, on twenty-second October, and since then it has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from its viewers.

The actors who have done a brilliant job in their part in portraying each character is noteworthy. The lead character was played by the famous Tamil actress EaswariRao. Opposite to her was VaniBhojan, who did a splendid job in reciprocating with the lead actor and making the show much more at par with real life. Other than these two, even Venkat and Abhishek’s acting was commendable enough, as they highlighted their respective characters and made their presence necessary for the plot as the viewers liked them so much. The director who was going to make this series was unclear at first, but eventually, B. Nityanandham’s name coined out. And he did an excellent job in portraying the plot which was to deliver the society an underlying message from the medicine world.

The entire effect of the show wouldn’t have been possible if the story was not written well, for which Indira Soundarrajan is to be credited entirely. She formed a story the viewers not only liked but through this plot, the audience was also made aware of many things that occur and or are related to the medical world. The production of this series happened under the banner of Sathya Jyothi Films. This show telecasted more than one hundred episodes, and each episode had a running time of about twenty to twenty-two minutes.

The plot of the story of this television revolves around the character named Abhishek. He is a very doting father and a loving husband. He has a wife and a daughter. The daughter’s name is Maya, on whom this television series is based. The mom is quite estranged. The family also has one more member in it. It is Abhishek’s half-brother, also known as step brother. His name in this television series is Ramesh. Together the family forms the podium on which the story of this series entails.