Tamil Tv Serial Kanavugal Aayiram

Kanavugal Ayiram Tamil Tv serials on Mega tv

Kanavugal Ayiram, was a sought after serial by the fans.The story revolved around five friends Nila,Yamuna, Deepa , Bharathi and Devi. The life of the friends and the circumstances they face during their struggle in life were the main events of the serial.The life of Nila was about her life with an old lady, who was brought by Nila to stay with her, when she left the house of her husband and the turn of events after the old lady’s death.

Yamuna was forced to marry a man she didn’t love because of her father, who had borrowed money from that man. Instead of money, her father gives Yamuna’s hands to that man in the marriage. Yamuna’s husband was not up to her expectations and imaginations. She after leaving her husband after knowing his mental sickness, started living in her parents’ house. But,at a point of time understood her husband’s love for her, in spite of his mental disturbance. The rest of the story was about Yamuna dealing with her life.

Deepa, who was in love with a collector, founds out that he was already married to another woman. But, by the time she found that truth, she was already pregnant with his baby. At the beginning of her love, she was warned by her friends, about her choosing a wrong person. She was blindly in love with him and ignored the warnings. Then the baby was aborted and in the turn of events, the wife of the collector left him and Deepa started living with him. Bharathi, was the one who was leading a carefree life. Devi has an aim of becoming an athlete, but the dream was devastated by her father, who was a drunkard.The story was woven in a way that it kept the viewers glued to the box. K.Balachander’s Minbimbangal produced this serial and was aired in JayaTv.