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Tamil Tv Serial Guru Sishyan

Guru Sishyan Tamil Tv serials on Puthuyugam tv
Guru Sishyan was telecasted in Puthuyugam Tv.It was a show which was a talk show and was shot by interviewing the Guru (mentor)and Sishyan (disciple) from various fields. The show was directed by Riyaz Ahmed and Manimaran. It was a different and interesting show. The show was a travel down memory lane by a mentor and the disciple giving a new expression to the old memories. Celebrities from various fields and walks of life participated with their disciples. They discussed many topics starting from their introduction to each other, their aims and ambitions, their tough times and pains, their sorrows and disappointments they faced together in their career were all revealed by them. Many, apart from being Guru-Sishyan, in work, they were very intact in real lives too, with their genuine kindness and attachments.

The show that featured dance master Kala with her sishyan, Sandy was very interesting, when they discussed about their experience of working together in choreography involving many famous cine personalities. When watched in screens, some movies like Punnagai mannan, which gave importance to dance, were thought as just a nice movie. But when Kala described about the practice sessions and inventions of new steps, the viewers were able to understand the effort behind those dances.

One episode of Guru Sishyan was with Director Perarasu and Director K.V.Nandu .Perarasu is a Tamil film director who is best known for his commercial movies with actors Vijay and Ajith. He has acted in movies, rendered music, a singer and lyricist in some of his own ventures was a treat to watch, when he elaborated his hardwork and challenges along with his sishyan Nandu. The episode with the art director GK and his disciple, the other with the cinematographer TS Vinayagam and his disciple Vidyanand were really a treat to watch and the viewers were privileged to watch them talk about the golden days. TS Vinayagam talked about his struggle to enter the field and about his working in M.G.R movies and his working with S.P.Muthuraman with so much fondness and also revealing the good deeds and discipline of the legends, which made the audience long to go back to those golden era. It is always a great pleasure to recall the old memories. Some of the legends, who participated in this show literally brought tears in the eyes of the viewers.