Tamil Tv Serial Engiruntho Vandhaal

Engiruntho Vandhaal Tamil TV SERIALS on JAYA TV

Engiruntho Vandhaal was a Tamil soap drama that used to air on Jaya TV, from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm. B. Kandhasamy was the editor of the show while A.C. Tirulokchandar directed the show. The show was written by Gulshan Nanda Gulshan Nanda is a well-known Indian poet, writer, >> Read More... . The cast included Nagesh, Jayalalithaa, and Sivaji Ganesan The Honorable Mr. Ganesan was the second son in hi >> Read More... . It is a show by K. Balachander. The show revolved around a very reputed industrialist, Rajashekar. Everyone around him is jealous of him as they all think that he possesses a wonderful family, but the reality is something else.

His family members seem like a bundle of contradictions, with peculiar and contradicting characteristics which disturbs the relationship between them. There is only one person who is accepted by everyone and who is the binding factor of this family- Kausalya. They are all waiting for her arrival to save them from the turmoil, the tremendous pressure due to the family problems they are embroiled in, now. So who is she? Where is she? And will she be able to save them? Akila is the main character of the story.

She is a very lovely girl and is a physiotherapist by profession. She works at a leading hospital. She, kinds of, doessome magic on whoever meets her. She is the daughter of Kausalya, who is Rajashekar’s wife. She had to visit their house due to some obligations. There, Kausalya gets an idea of marrying her to Rajashekar, as according to an astrologer, she is going to die very soon and she doesn’t want her lovable husband to left behind without a companion. But Akila is in love with Rajesh since a very long time. Moreover, they have a great understanding between them. So to make Kausalya’s recovery faster, Akila and Rajashekar decide to act on Kausalya’s idea of marriage.

In real, Akila only respects Rajashekar, but the twist comes when Rajshekhar startsfalling in love with her but still pretends in front of her that he is doing everything for his wife’s health and happiness. Rajashekar strikes his real move when both, Rajesh and Akila’s father, are sent to jail even though they were innocent. He gives a deal to Akila to either marry him to save them or else they would be punished. Having no other choice, she agrees even though she was just 20 whereas he was 53. She is even shown to be just two years older than his younger son. After marriage, Akila decides to make his life miserable. No one knows the truth of their marriage; they think that Akila did all this just to get money. Everyone in the family is against her except Rajashekar.

Rajesh is heartbroken with all this. He confronts her in the temple and tells everything to her,whatever is in his heart. He even tells her that if she wanted to marry a millionaire then he would have even robbed someone just to fulfil her wishes but still she cheated on him,showing him fake love and betrayed him. At last, he tells her that he would continue loving Akila becausehe has always loved her and no one can change that. Rajashekar’s brother, Tholar,gets to know the truth. Akila and Rajeshekar’s marriage was not valid as he was already married to Kausalya at the time he married Akila. Husband of Renuka, Rajashekar’s daughter, starts doubting that she has something going on with Rajesh, so she decids to leave him and goes to Rajesh.

Rajesh, feeling guilty about all this, thinks of marrying her. On the other hand, Akila decides to marry again, this time in front of everyone, as the previous wedding was invalid and was just for revenge.This makes Rajashekar go crazy. He starts blaming his family, thinking that they have her. On the other hand, it was shown that she, along with her younger sister, went to Bangalore. Akila calls Rajesh as he was also there at the wedding to talk to Tholar and then asks Tholar to reveal everything which he does. Finally, everyone realizes why Akila married Rajashekar. She returns. Rajashekar gets very angry on her and wants to kill her for which he even hires someone. The killer is shown to shoot Absar and his wife, in which the wife dies, leaving Absar along with their daughter.

Rajesh still thinks that Akila wants money and also the fact that Renuka likes him, doesn’t let him accept Akila, but he is still in love with Akila. Later, Renuka asks Akila to marry someone else, leaving Rajesh, as she wants him, to which Akila agrees as Rajesh had also told her to move on. She decides to marry Absar, but on the wedding day, Renuka finally realizes that Rajesh really loves Akila and thus decides to get them together. She pleads for forgiveness from her husband, after going to his house, and then later along with him goes to stop the wedding. She tells Akila everything about Rajesh, after hearing that she starts crying. Later, Rajesh also comes there and they both get married. Rajashekar becomes good again, and Kausalya accepts him after forgiving him