Tamil Tv Serial En Arugil Nee Irunthal

Ennarukil Nee Irunthaal  Tamil TV SERIALS on Polimer TV

En Arugil Nee Irunthal initially focuses on the lives of Parth and his soulmate Shorvori, a happy couple who lives in Baroda, whose lives change when they choose Teni, a young, bubbly girl, to become a surrogate mother to their child. As a love triangle starts, the story deals with the providence of the prominent characters over the years. 

Parth Bhanushali, the grandson to the traditionalist and wealthy Bhanushali’s family, lives in Baroda. Parth falls in love with his employee, who is a Bengali girl named Shorvori Bhattacharya and wedded her at the cost of being rejected by his family. Shorvori got pregnant, and later, Parth's family accepted her. However, a sorrowful accident results in a miscarriage, showing Shorvori infertile. Parth and Shorvori keep the miscarriage unraveled from the family.

A Gujarati girl named Teni, who dreams of being settled in the US someday, is chosen as a surrogate mother by Parth and Shorvori, in return for dispatching her to the US. Teni attains pregnancy. This process was done through IVF. Teni was introduced as a cousin of Shorvori to the family and began to live in the Bhanushali house. After that, the family organizes for Teni's ring ceremony, but she influences to call it off, demonstrating that she is in an affair with Parth's friend, Aman.

Aman proposes to Teni, who accepts. She trembles in her decision as she starts falling in love with Parth but decides to keep her word. She, however, ends up admitting her feelings to Parth. Meanwhile, the Bhanushali family is in trouble following the announcement regarding Teni's pregnancy, as Parth assures the baby to be his. Aman breaks the relationship and left. Despite the issues, the families finally bear the surrogacy situation.

In Nainital, Shorvori starts working as a music teacher. She ignores Parth and Teni, wanting them to be together. Teni, on the other hand, decides to reconcile them. Parth visualizes Teni for Shorvori and becomes close. 

Shorvori has descended towards the greater good, and Teni went missing for all these years. The family misses Teni as they see her resemblance in Ipshita, her daughter. Teni is a manager in Delhi and leading a peaceful life. She is planning to marry Iqbal (Mohammed Iqbal Khan). The situation leads to Parth and Teni gathering with each other and baffled Teni decides to move back to Baroda and to find out all about her past. The Bhanushalis tell Teni everything and try to make her recall. Though Teni remembers everything, she keeps make-believe until Parth proclaims all the truth and trying to get her memory back. Her feelings for Parth rewind and she remembers all about her love, but even after knowing all this, she doesn’t call the wedding off. Iqbal hears all her conversation and calls of the wedding himself as he wants Teni to be happy and bless her. After all this family, drama Parth and Teni live happily ever after with the almost perfect family.

Sidharth Shukla plays the role of Parth Bhanushali: He is the son of Ramnik and Indu and grandson of Purushottam and Ambika. He is Shorvori and Teni's present husband. He is the father of Ipshita’s. Rashami Desai plays the role of Shorvori Parth Bhanushali.  Jasmin Bhasin plays the role of Teni Parth Bhanushali and the surrogate Mother of Ipshita.