Tamil Tv Serial Bharathi Kannamma

Bharathi Kannamma Tamil TV SERIALS on Vendhar TV

 Bharathi Kanamma is a Tamil soap opera, one of the successful serials we could say, was first aired in a channel called VENDHAR TV on 1st June 2014 to 3rd July 2015. It was telecasted from Monday to Friday between 7:00 pm -7:30pm. Every episode is expected to have duration with 20 – 25 minutes. On the whole, this serial has 219 episodes. This was directed by S.Bala (1 – 87 episodes), S.Senthil Kumar B.E. (88 – 124 episodes), and Nimesh (125 – 219 episodes).

 The cast is: Remona (Bharathi), Mithra Sri (Kan amma), Selva Raj, Sai Latha, Mohana, Rithiya and Birla Boss.

The story is about two girls named Bharathi and Kanamma who initially hated each other. The plot of the story circulates these two girls most importantly and eventually adds up more interesting characters to add up some more energy to the story.

The other main cast is Bharathi’s grandfather – Sabhapathi, his son Shakthi and his daughter Manju. The two girls have rivalries as per their age during their schooldays. Manju thinks that her father is a villain. Manju is on the side of Kanamma and grandfather is on Bharathi’s side. In between, there are confusions regarding the birth of Kanamma. Yet, Manju adores Kanamma. Meanwhile there are suspicions regarding Shakthi and a policeman’s wife who enters the serial over time. The story flows like a crystal clear river without any doubts in the direction and screenplay.

The story ends with two girls hugging each other for being rude so far. They also understand that their lives are destined to be like the parallel lines, which means together forever.