Tamil Tv Serial Aval

Aval Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

Aval was a Tamil TV Serial broadcasted on Vijay TV starring was a Tamil TV Serial broadcasted on Vijay TV starring 'Sanjeev' as Mahesh, Mahalakshmi Tamil as Amala, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan as Jayanthi, Sreekala Sasidharan as Shalini and 'Manikandan' as Meyyappan. Concept development and direction was by G Jayakumar. U Vallimuthu was the episode director and camera handlers were Martin Joe and TV Anil.

the story line of Aval revolved around the emotions of a mother-daughter relationship. Professor Jaynathi, mother of Amala was an independent woman who truly loved her daughter. She tied the bond of marriage between Amala and Mahesh. Both were happily married but Jaynathi was missing her daughter a lot and was in contact with her to know if she was happy. Knowing that Amala was happy made her feel relaxed. Soon, Amala found out about a girl living in Mahesh’s house. She was curious about her relation with Mahesh. Shalini and Mahesh had a great understanding and Amala was fearing and doubting their relationship although Mahesh considered Shalini as his sister. Shalini was a part of their family since childhood.

When Jaynathi got to know that her daughter was having difficulties, she came for her help. She asked Shalini to get married to her son. As the story unfolded, Shalini and Amala were sisters born from the same mother, disengaged by fate. The story was about conflicts between these relations and how they solved these complications.

Aval started in 2011 and ended in March 2013. It was aired on Vijay TV from Monday to Friday in evening.