Tamil TV Serials Aavigal Ayiram

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Aavigal Aayiram was aired in JayaTv. The serial was one more in the list of the serials, which were based on the ghost stories and horror scenes.

The start of the serial was with the warning about avoiding watching the serial, for the people with heart diseases and with delicate mind and heart. The stories were based on the stories, told by people about their experience with the ghosts and the mysteries. Even though many of those were unbelievable, they were interesting to watch and hear. The story of the ghost treating the people with deadly diseases, the stories of the ghosts killing the cruel people and many more were told in a way,that was well captured by the camera. The calls from an unknown number and unknown persons and the stories involved in those were all very unimaginable stories. The make up artists were given appreciations for their talented work, which made the audience scream out of fear, while watching the ghost and blood shed scenes.


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