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Marathi Tv Serial Sara Kahi Tichyasathi

Other names : Saara Kahi Tichyasathi
Sara Kahi Tichyasathi Marathi TV SERIALS on Zee Marathi

Saara Kahi Tichyasathi is a Marathi TV series that started premiering on 21st August 2023 on Zee Marathi. Frames Production of Hemant Ruprell and Ranjeet Thakur produced the serial. It is the official remake of the Hindi serial Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. The hit serial was remade in various languages, including Megha Mayuri in Kannada, Padamati Sandhyaragam in Telugu, Sandhya Ragini in Odia, and Sandhya Raagam in Tamil. 
The story is about two sisters, Uma Raghunath Khot and Sandhya Vijay Desai, separated years ago. The elder sister is calm and affectionate but unable to express her wish to meet her sibling. She is married to Raghunath Khot. What happens when she faces a situation that goes against her family? The rest of the series deals with it.
Khushboo Tawde plays the role of Uma Raghunath Khot, and Sharmishtha Raut plays her sister Sandhya Vijay Desai. Ashok Shinde plays the role of Raghunath Khot, Uma's husband. Besides these lead role stars, the serial has the star cast of Dakshata Joil playing Uma's daughter Nishigandha Raghunath Khot, Ruchi Kadam plays Sandhya's daughter Ovi Vijay Desai, Siddhirupa Karmarkar plays the role of Lali Shrikant Sawant, Uma's sister-in-law, Ragini Samant plays Daichi Khot, Uma's mother-in-law, Shashikant Kerkar plays Rajaram Khot, Uma's brother-in-law, Vaishali Bhosale is seen as Manjusha Rajaram Khot, Uma's co-sister, Abhishek Gaonkar plays Shrinivas Shrikant Sawant, Uma's nephew, and Sandesh Upasham plays Shrikant Sawant, Uma's co-brother. The serial also has Nikita Zepale as Chhaya and Neeraj Goswami as Neeraj. The series is also available on Zee 5.