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Sandhya Ragini Odia TV SERIALS on Zee Sarthak
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Sandhya Ragini is an Odia drama serial that consists of a total of 42 episodes and depicts a typical Odia family and their beliefs and customs. The story was adapted from the original Tamil serial named ‘ Sandhya Raagam Story soon >> Read More... ’ and revolves around two women named Sandhya and Ragini. Sandhya is portrayed as a simple, humble, and kind young woman who is bound to follow the traditions of her house and family. She has certain beliefs instilled in her since a very young age and refuses to stray away from what she has been taught all her life.

On the other hand, Ragini is portrayed as a strong woman who is self-confident, independent, and broad-minded. She refuses to follow the stereotypical traditions instilled in a family and wishes to become a successful woman. The story begins by showing two women Yashoda and Devaki. These two women are sisters but after a feud between the two Devaki decides to leave the family and move out of the house. As a result, their relationship becomes strained.

After a few years, Devaki gives birth to Ragini and decides to bring her up in the modern world and does everything in her power to make her a strong independent lady. On the other hand, Yashoda gives birth to Sandhya and decides to teach her to follow the traditions of a stereotypical Odia family. When Devaki dies, Yashoda decides to welcome Ragini into the family to live with them. Ragini being a modern woman finds it difficult to settle down in a family that refuses to accept and adapt to her attitude and lifestyle.

Ragini confronts the family on many occasions regarding their old customs and beliefs and points out how wrong some of them were. Sandhya as a result becomes torn between her beliefs and considers whether the stereotypes are worth following or not. This behaviour worries Yashoda and strains the relationship between Yashoda and her husband. How Ragini and Sandhya discover their purpose in life and how they learn to adapt to society while facing the challenges in their family is what constitutes the rest of the episodes.


Poonam Kaur Odia Movie Actress
DOB: 21 October 1986
Poonam Kaur
Amlan Das Odia Movie Actor
DOB: 9 March 1992
Amlan Das
Sabyasachi Mohapatra Odia Director
DOB: 27 August 1950
Sabyasachi Mohapatra
Amika Shail Odia Playback Singer
DOB: 12 November 1992
Amika Shail
Sambhabana Mohanty Odia TV-Actress
DOB: 27 March 1993
Sambhabana Mohanty
Kavya Kiran Odia Movie Actress
DOB: 7 October 1994
Kavya Kiran