Malayalam Tv Show Gulf News

Gulf News has been a news program for the gulfers who had come from the work. India has five plus another half an hour ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time or GMT. It is the standard time fixed for the world. For Example: If a show announces that it would telecast at 02. 00 Hours GMT, then the Indian Viewers cannot watch it on 02. 00 Hours. They could only see at 07. 30 Hours. This has termed as ‘Time Shift’ due to the revolving of the Earth the Milky Way Galaxy in an orbit in the Solar System around the Sun.

The United Arab Emirates or Organization of Arab Countries comprising of the Gulf regions was two and a half to three hours advanced depending on the area. The News was being telecasted exactly at 12.00 midnight such that the dwellers abroad could watch it at 9.00 P. M. or 9.30 P. M. for the Indian Residents; this edition would be the look at the Headlines in the Newspapers knocking at the door tomorrow. It has a segment that pulls out the national and other surrounding news in the oil-rich areas. It has been catering the needs of one fortieth Indian citizen making their home abroad about the happenings back at home as well as at their surroundings. The head could be enjoyed in the regional language viz. Malayalam.

The Chief Operating Officer of the series stated that it would be impossible to cater the needs of both the Country people. Hence, putting on the incidence and impact, we had decided to go in favour of the Emigrants. District wise news was given in the form of hints. Some important sectors like the business and the global arena were never ignored but not provided in a detailed manner. The new presenters as well as the channel editors, are to be taken care well as they were the ones who would help in achieving the actual intent of the program.

Hence, proper and the best selection of them would definitely lend the achievement of the objectives. To serve the people, they must look into a most convenient way to reach the lower levels in the state First. They must at least make a telecast again in another session to enable the viewership in the Country.