Malayalam Tv Serial Jagratha

Jagratha Malayalam Tv serials on Kairali tv
Jagratha is a Malayalam TV serial. Jagratha is a serial of the suspense-thriller genre. Jagratha is presently being aired on the Kairali TV. The plot of the serial is based on the old formula of police-thief chasing. The story of the serial Jagratha revolves around two police officers – male officer (essayed by famous and popular Malayalam actor Rahman) and a female police officer (the role is played by another popular tele serial actress Amrutha). The basic concept of Jagratha depicts the story of different people from various backgrounds of the society, who usually falls in some kind of problems which usually ends up in some mysterious situations and circumstances such as- Kidnapping, murder or theft. And these people comes to the police station where Rahman and Amrutha are the officers in charge. The rest of the plot of the story revolves around how the two police officers solves the case despite facing various hurdles and obstacles. Jagratha is a daily suspense thriller which is aired on Kairali TV every weekday Monday to Friday at 9:00 pm on the prime time slot of Kairali TV. The show was launched on June, 2014 and has been airing for a month and half now and surprisingly is gaining good TRPs and getting positive responses from the audiences as well as from the critics due to its tight, complex storyline full of suspense and its execution. Jagratha is being written and directed by director Unni Cherian.