Malayalam Tv Serial Food on Road

Food on Road Malayalam Tv serials on Kairali tv

A travelogue with food as the special element – that is Food On Road. Food On Road is a perfect blend of exquisite dishes and wonderful sights. The anchors Renjith and Meenu take the viewers on a road trip to a beautiful location where they explore the answer for their taste buds. Different parts of Kerala have been covered through the lens and the well known dishes in that region would be taught to the audience. Thus it is a cookery show merged with a travel show. As interesting as the recipes they share are the trips they make. The casual tone of the anchors and the fun mood of the settings make this programme a well known one in Kerala. The trips the anchors make on a bike or on a boat are all interesting to the audience. The show also introduces the viewers to different cuisines of the region and the best places to have them. Kairali We Channel hosts this show and is a hit among the youth of Kerala and the mothers alike. Road Side Food has always been of interest to Kerala and hence is this program on road side food and their specialties. The traditional Kerala recipes and the authentic folk recipes are also introduced through this program.