Kannada Tv Show Tweet Book



Tweet Book was a youth oriented and entertainment show that used to air on Raj Music Karnataka. The show was hosted by Smitha Gowda, who is also known as VJ Smitha to her fans. It was aired every Tuesday at 5 pm and ran for a year in 2013. The show’s primary language was Kannada. Tweet Book was primarily a lifestyle and entertainment show that was targeted towards the youth. It was a show based on popular culture and the topics that were trending at the moment. The name is the combination of ‘Twee’t and ‘Facebook’, which represent the two primary sources of communication and information young people use. The show used these mediums heavily to reach audiences properly and to allow its viewers be a part of the show.

The show was a mixed bag of concepts and it incorporated a variety of themes in it. It was a music show, a lifestyle show, a reality show, etc. It had a heavy emphasis on connecting with its audiences in real time during the show, which is slightly innovative. Being aired on a music network, the show’s primary aim was to air latest and trending music videos. The music was selected from the weekly music charts and tracks that were popular among the youth. Due to connecting with their fans via social media, the show took requests from the viewers to air their favorite tracks. These songs thus played were often dedications by people to their partners, and the people could air messages along with the tracks.

The show also incorporated various celebrities and movie actors in its shows. The show used the game show format and involved its viewers in contests to win prizes. The prizes were simple things that were often autographed by celebrities which made it a prized possession for their followers. Tweet Book used a variety of ways for people to get a chance to win this merchandise. For example, people could enter in the contest online. The show also encouraged people to send their photographs, messages and fan mail to the show. At the time, the trend of selfies was beginning to grow and the show wanted to capitalize on it.

The messages and images sent also enabled the viewers to enter the contest to win prizes. The participants and winners were the youngster from Karnataka. One such lady was Bhavya, who won a special mug from the show and got a chance to meet the cast of Tweet Book along with VJ Smitha. Tweet Book was a simple show that connected young people across the state. At the same time, people enjoyed music and got a chance to win some prizes and sometimes meet their favorite celebrities.