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So you think you can dance is a reality show originated in America. This show has been on television since 2005 in the USA, but its Indian version aired this year. The Indian edition of this show is called ‘so you think you can dance- ab India ki baari’, produced by Deepak Dhar’s ‘endemol India’. The makers of the show wanted to make this show a grand venture; they wanted to showcase a really strong crew, be it hosts be it judges or be it the dancers. The judges in the first season of so you think you can dance were Madhuri Dixit, Terence Lewis and Bosco Martis. Madhuri Dixit is the diva and queen off Bollywood she has been ruling the movie world since 90’s and looks young as ever, apart from her beauty and performances as an actor she is mainly known or her dancing abilities and expressions, Madhuri has judged another dance-based reality show.

The second judge of the show was Terence Lewis he is a renowned choreographer who is especially known for promoting contemporary dance style in India. Just like Madhuri, Terence has done a few dance based shows in the past and was as famous. Bosco is yet another one of the most famous choreographers’ Indian film industry has ever witnessed. Having these people judging the show automatically gives your show the hype. The hosts of the show were RitwikDhanjani and Mouni Roy. Both are equally talented and are renowned faces of Indian television industry. It’s their chemistry and sense of humour and of course the heart pleasing talent of the participants that the show gained this amount of popularity in such short time. This show aired on 24th April 2016 on &tv.

The show is such that the contestants are divided into two Groups Street and stage. Street dancers usually performed all the dance styles that come under street category and in the same way stage dancers carry out the styles that come under the stage. This show is actually Street Vs Stage. After weeks of auditions, the participants who made to top 20 were-Sahil Khan, Aishwarya Radhakrishnan, Aryan Patra, Kalpita Kachroo, Krishna Mehta, Tushar Shetty, Sneha Singh from Mumbai, Vinay Khandelwal, Sanjana Bamrara, Deepak, Alisha Behura, Ryan Martyr, Kanchi Shah of Mumbai, Rohit Behal, Jueili; Rishi Sharma; Roza Rana; Tarun Nihalani, PurviPurohit. These dancers were chosen among a huge crowd of people. Every week one dancer from the stage and one from the street is eliminated based on their performances.

This show had 25 episodes aired between 24th April to 17th July 2016. Apart from these extremely talented dancers, there was an element of surprise every week, contestants from all over India come together to showcase their dancing talents. Many versatile performances and extremely friendly atmosphere makes the set of so you think you can dance a really soothing place to shoot in said the hosts of the show. Apart from this various Bollywood stars had guest appearances in this series to promote their movies. The star-cast of Houseful 3 Abhishekh Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Nargis Fakri, Lisa Haydon came to promote their film.

Stars of Azhar Prachi Desai, Nargis and Emraan Hashmi, and many more stars like Hrithik Roshan, etc. were featured in the show. The grand finale was aired on 17th July 2016, Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez performed in the grand finale and came to promote their movie Dhishoom. The winner of the season was 17-year-old extremely versatile dancer Alisha Behura from Bhilai. If you are a fan of dance and you appreciate the versatility of a dancer then so you think you can dance would be a pleasure.