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Kanchi Shah Hindi Actress

Kanchi Shah

Kanchi Shah hails from Bhiwandi, Mumbai. She is a fabulous street dancer. Firstly street dance used to be done only by boys; later on, girls were also included. When she came to know that “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” came to India, she thought to participate in that so that she can prove to herself and can excel her talent. She also thought that the dance floor would be a better platform for her to enhance her dancing skills and showcase her talent. She auditioned immediately, and made it to the next rounds. There, they tested her ability to adapt to different styles. Finally, she made it among the top 20 contestants, from the dance reality show “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” which is being produced by Deepak Dhar under the banner of Endemol India. This show was telecasted on every Saturday and Sunday nights. She was very happy with her standing in the top 20 and worked hard to keep moving forward. Dancing is her life. So, that made her a great dancer and at the same time to acquire a huge fan following in a short period. She became one among the top 10 contestants on that show. Later on, she tried very hard to succeed. But due to some other reasons, she got eliminated from the show. Now she’s a Choreographer at Insta-Id. When anyone, asks her the reason behind her success, she replies that it is all possible only because of her parents. Kanchi says that without their moral support she’s unable to achieve anything. Whatever the situation, it might be, they used to stand beside her and defend her which helped Kanchi a lot. Now and then she’s been a role model for many girls whi have an interest in street dance. She made a lot of fans with her tremendous dances in the show. Everyone is eagerly waiting for her amazing performances. Besides dancing, she also gave her voice to many female free stylists which proved that she had a sweet voice too. She’s a huge fan of Hrithik Roshan. Finally, her dedication towards dance made her achieve such a huge success in her life. Performing on such a huge stage is not an easy task, but her dedication and confidence is taking her forward.