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My Playlist Hindi tv-shows on Zoom

A music genre show called My Playlist. In January 2014 Zoom welcomed the New Year with a musical note called ‘My Playlist’. The show was aired every day from 8:30 to 10:30 AM, playing out all the song which were requested from your profile picture and also dedicating your personalised message on the show. All one had to do was request your favourite songs through Zoom’s Facebook app: https://apps.facebook.com/gozoomit. The extension to the hugely popular shows My Playlist which was an excellent example of seamless social media integration through multi-channel engagement.

My Playlist ensured that you saw your choice of music, giving you a chance to express your emotions and give an own start to the mornings every single day. With a massive social media presence in addition to being the most viewed Bollywood entertainment channel on TV, Zoom channel had an enviable connection with the Indian audience. Having over 57 lakh fans on Facebook the show had the highest views on Indian TV brand – providing a fertile user-base for the show. They introduced the concept of a ‘Social Jockey’ and was the very first show on the small screen to provide an integration of song requests via social media and playout on TV.

The two-hour daily format allowed for the number of requests featured on-air to multiply exponentially, giving more lakhs to My Playlist. Users had a window for their expression on Social Media and TV. There was a huge hype because no channel came up with such an idea. My Playlist connected with the audience like no show did, they also received a lot of appreciation for the show and handwork. Zoom channel made it very clear that they are here to stay and boy they stayed.

To watch your favourite programs on your device, you only have to download the software and start browsing. There is easy availability of the channel for the one who wants to stay updated with the information, and gossips on their Bollywood stars and the movies which are yet to release. Two hours of non-stop entertainment and journey filled with music, helps you escape the reality and makes you energetic. Music makes a person better in all areas. The theme focused on the fact that a song not only makes us feel happy, but it also brings out a thousand memories, which is why the entire nation praised the show. The show brings the essence of life and music together.