Hindi Tv Show Mujrim Hazir

Mujrim Hazir Hindi TV SHOWS on DOORDARSHAN

Murjrim Haazir was an Indian classic drama telecast on Doordhasan on 1988. The plot of the serial is based on the novel Asami Haazir written by Bimal Matra. The story depicted the exploitation of the feudal system in Bengal at early 20th century. The serial brought the nostalgic culture and period of the early society.

The serial was produced and directed by Rakesh Chowdary. Mir Muneer did Tv adaptation. Sapan Jagmohan composed music and Bharat Nakar worked as the cinematographer. Utpal Datt, Nuhan, Ajit Vachhani, Rajiv Verma, Virendra Singh, Mohan Bhandari, Navni Parihar and others play roles in the serial. Sadane Chowdary a local farmer at Bengal lived content life. He married Nayantara the only daughter of the schoolmaster in the village. The couple leads a happy life with love and understanding. Owing to financial crisis, Sadanand had to lease his property to the richest property owner in the village.

After some days, he went to renew the land and left cheated by the owner. He is surprised of his misfortune. Agitated Sadanand wanted to oppose the system, exploitation that prevailed in the society. As a revolutionist, Sadanand wanted to cut off relationship from his family because he did not want to suffer his family due to him. He had to go away from his wife and children. Despite their love and understanding, the fate befalls and separated the couple. \

The serial had another interlude, a tragic tale Kaligang Ki Bahu. In this tale a widow holds her husband’s property solely. Sadanand’s grandfather is a property owner, knowing that she was alone cheated her land and wealth. In today’s term, we call it as karma. Then Sadanand’sgrandfather grabbed a land from the victim and now Sadanand turned as a victim. The story not only highlighted the theme of feudalism, exploitation it also highlighted that of karma.

It was like a dream for the audience to see an Indian Cinema actor like Utpal Dutt and Nutan on television. The backdrop and setting took the audience 20 years back. Nutan a great actress on the big screen for years made her remarkable performance on the small screen. The serial had received great response widely among critics. The serial received praise and awards from various sources. It was selected for categories like best serial, director, and performer. Uptron gave the best performance award to Nutan. The prominent newspapers like Daily, Dainak Jagran (Hindi) praised the serial for actor’s skill.