Hindi Tv Show Lagori Maitri Returns

Lagori Maitri Returns Hindi tv-shows on STAR PRAVAH

‘Lagori- Maitri Returns,’ is a youth based Marathi serial telecasteon Star Pravah between 3rd February 2014 and February 2015. It is a production of Endemol India and was directed by young director Aditya Sarpotdar. Lagori was a mixture of comedy Genre and emotional bonding between friends which has many ups and downs with a unique climax. Viewers were able to relate their lives to each featured in the story. The story of Lagori revolved around Dhanashree and her four friends- Mukta, Purva, Urmila, and Rujuta. The endless love between these five, and an event company they plan to start right after their graduation gives an interesting storyline to the series. The 'Lagori Events ani Barach Kahi' company hits a success in their very first event, but Dhanashree's Mom and dad decide to tie her knot forever with Sameer, US-based Boy.

Dhanashree gets upset on how she will be able to stand on her feet if she marries Sameer. Purva, Urmila, Mukta and Rujuta then vehemently ask Dhanashree to reject him, and on the other side, Sameer claims that he is already in love with Dhanashree. When Sameer manages to convince Dhanashree for marriage, her friends too support her decision of marrying Sameer. But Purva is now solicitous about ‘Lagori’ event company be shutting down in no time, and thus she steps out of the team. As the story revealed ties of kindred within five friends, she joins the team again where Dhanashree and Sameer are happily married.

The serial doesn’t end here. After the marriage, their friendship has to go through many enigmatic challenges. Also, Purva turns out to be the monstrous character among them. She keeps on ripping the team apart, but rest four continues to eternize the bond within them. But destiny has planned something else. All five moves in their direction by the course of time and fate bring them together when Dhanashree is fighting for her life in the hospital. The story is all about immense love, emotion, fun and never ending bond between friends. Aditya Sarpotdar, director of Lagori- Maitri Returns has directed movies like ‘Classmates,’ ‘Uladhaal,’ ‘Satrangi Re,’ ‘Narbachi Vadi’ and this creation has got high TRP rating.