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Horse racing has had long term associations with the elite class of the subcontinent. It is adventurous, spontaneous, causes an adrenaline rush, and fills the viewers with a lot of enthusiasm. Considering the same, NDTV Good Times became home to a show called 'Kingfisher Derby'. Now, what exactly is a derby? If we go by a standard dictionary, derby represents an annual flat race for horses which are three-year-old. The 12th Earl of Derby founded this magnificent event in 1780. Post the British rule, India hasn't stepped away from this game. It has been sitting on the thrones of our hearts since centuries! To commemorate this very fact, the company 'Kingfisher' organizes this event on an annual basis. It takes place in various parts of the country.

Derby superiorly holds the tag of 'the most alluring event in the world of racing.' And the aim of this show is to bring forth to the audience the delights of this event! It holds a plethora of breath-taking moments, and we can't seem to get enough of it! It is due to the idea of this show's creative team that we can catch the wonders of this event from the comforts of our beds and couches! Year after year, this event has continued to woo the spectators with its charm. In 2013, it took place in the pleasant city of Bengaluru. It was the 26th edition of the competition. It successfully brought forward exhilaration and a sense of admiration. It had its fill of good times, glamor, and loads of fun. The stadium became the nest of over twenty thousand onlookers! Kaisha Hastu played the role of the host for this series.

Her jovial and amiable personality paved the way for her to become one of the most 'admired hosts' in the television fraternity. She described this event as the 'Mecca of horse racing in the country.' According to her, 'Bengaluru's weather, testing tracks, and the best minds in the business make it a coveted place for horse racing in the country.' The show commences with the view of the venue which covers the scoring board, the resting place for the horses, and the players getting ready! With a shot in the air, the chambers flash open, and come in view some extremely fast horses! The energy levels of the crowd become contagious! Its enthusiasm brightens the entire atmosphere! It is a sight to behold, and you must not miss it, at any cost!