Hindi Tv Show Ek Kahani

Ek Kahani Hindi Tv shows on Dd national

Ek Kahani is a unique show by Doordarshan that sought to bring different kinds of stories from various cultures. All through these stories, situations and characters may be different. But in the end, they are connected at some point. Whether the stories are told as it is or are told using fantasy and imagination no matter what but it remains same. This serial was produced by Manju Singh. It brings the classic and contemporary stories of Indian scenarios and discusses philosophy, social issues, relationships, and folklores. The first episode brings the story of well-known Gujarati storyteller and painter Abid Surti tells the story ‘Teesri Aankh or The Third eye’.

It shows the story of Maganlal, who has retired from his business. He had married a second time. Her wife, Savita is younger than him. He goes on a morning walk towards a beach and asks Savita to join him. She refuses to tell him that she will go on some other day. Maganlal there meets his friend Popatlal and another friend, who greets him. Popatlal asks Maganlal that how is his life going. After he had handed his business to his son Jayanti. To which Maganlal replies that all is going well. Popat also asks about his marital life with Savita. To which Magan says that there is love between them. The story ends on a happy note.