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UTV Bindass, India’s No. 1 fun and frank youth brand which is hugely well known for making forefront content, goes up against the mantle to reveal yet another innovative advertising from its depot – " Date Trap' . Get set to take revenge, have a great time by setting up your best buddy on their most appalling date ever!

Date Trap hits harmony with its one of a kind idea and the fun remainder of getting your best pal into inconvenience as you play the wickedness cupid, all in a good humour obviously. Consenting to play the evil cupid, on every scene, two candidates will energetically contend to set up their companion on their date from hellfire, for a money prize, thus driving into a hilarious confrontation!

You won't have any desire to miss an open door this season, to impart a decent chuckle to your amigo as you set them up with the more regrettable date of their life and if that is insufficient you gain money relying upon how inventive one can get with the muffles. In the deal the contender likewise gets the opportunity to witness their companion's invaluable expressions when they meet their date at the most startling spots like a dance club, pub or a swimming pool...so it's a great opportunity to scrape your brains for a definitive gag... as on Date Trap, anything is possible...anywhere!

The idea is to see who can carry out a more innovative gag/prank on their best friend by setting them up for a date. The host of the show and the mediator of the considerable number of occasions, none other than super cool and genial Gaurav kapoor will help the contenders in executing the gag. Together, Gaurav and the contender will try out three on-screen characters for the part of the most irritating date, at long last picking the best one. The on-screen character is then advised about the closest companion's character characteristics and disdains and is incited to set up a demonstration, which will undoubtedly irritate the companion. What takes after is sheer commotion!

Once both the muffles are over, the host, Gaurav will judge and grant the contender who arranged the more terrible date for their friend and he/she will win the prize cash and will have some good times licensed to their friendship for a lifetime!

DATE TRAP is delivered by UTV Content and co delivered by Vishal Mull with idea from Creative Director Nishant. The project is conceived by the UTV Bindass Team, Head of Programming Shalini Sethi, and Executive Producer Richa Arora.

Touted to be a reality show with an entertaining bone, this reality dosage permits the youth to attack their dear friends– while providing the audiences a change from their otherwise drab routine.