Hindi Tv Show Chota Birbal

Chota Birbal Hindi tv-shows on BIG Magic

Chota Birbal is an Indian television show which is made in the format of an animated series. The show used to be telecasted on the Indian channel of Big Magic. The famously known Birbal, who was the only Hindu Brahmin to be an advisor in the court of Emperor Akbar, is the main focus of the show. In the story, the character of Birbal is portrayed in a fictional backdrop where he as a child was an advisor of the Akbar when he was a child. The legendary folk tales of Birbal and Akbar are converted into this formatted and presented through this show with a humorous tone.

The life of Birbal began in the village of Kalpi, somewhere in the present day Uttar Pradesh. His house was on the banks of the river Yamuna. He mastered three languages as he was a child, which was Sanskrit, Hindi, and Persian. Eventually, he started to write prose and poetry and had an inclination towards music. He went on to specialise in the Braj language for poetry and music in future, and thus got noticed by Akbar. Although Akbar appointed him as a singer and poet in his court for entertainment, according to the folklore, he was led to the advisory panel of Akbar due to his sharp intelligence and an overly dignified education. Soon, he became the main advisor of Akbar.

The common folklore talks about many stories and small tales that had to occur between these two people. These small incidents took the form of this cartoon. The usual flow of the story went in one particular manner. In which, Akbar usually due to his hot head and pride took a decision over some issue or incident, and this is where Birbal intervenes and makes Akbar see the reality and take a sound and practical decision which is quite obvious. Sometimes, Akbar also asks Birbal quite a few questions which Birbal replies with sound wit, and startle Akbar.

On the development of the notion that Birbal makes Akbar gets thoroughly impressed and praises Birbal for his intelligence, cleverness, and wisdom. Funny incidents happen when Birbal takes on the heated Akbar and makes him question his own made choices. In the end, concluding on the notion that Birbal was right from the beginning, and he was wrong. Akbar being a very humble King takes pride in Birbal’s qualities and praises him for the same. These short tales and stories are knitted together to form this animated series, where a humorous comic is presented but with an educational message along with it.