Hindi Tv Show Bhauji No 1 Season 6

Bhauji Number 1 is a reality TV show. The show is telecasted in Hindi and Bhojpuri language. The show is basically to find out who in real is the Bhauji No. 1. Mahuaa TV telecasts this reality show. In the year 2014 Mahuaa TV again came back with the season 6 of Bhauji No. 1. The show had a successful track record for the last five seasons. Vishwamitra presented the season 6 of Bhauji No. 1. The TV channel telecasted the Season 6 on 31st March from Monday to Thursday at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Season 6 of the show Bhauji No. 1 was made more fun and, entertaining for the audience. The show provides a huge TV and, entertainment platform to the humble housewives to showcase their amazing talents.

The show provides the housewives with the opportunity of showing their confidence and talent together to the world. Vinay Anand, who is a famous Television and Film artist in the Bhojpuri Cinema hosted the entire season 6 of the reality show Bhauji No. 1. The auditions of the show started in 2014 itself. The judges select a total of 34, contestants also called Bhaujis. Out of this 34 every week 4 of them gets the chance to be on the platform and showcase their talents. The best among the four gets the title of Bhauji of the week and the Best among those Bhauji of the week gets the title of the show, which is Bhauji No. 1. Vidha Lal, who is a famous Kathak dancer, Gopal who is a famous singer judged the show. The participants were free to showcase their own genre of talent.

It could be dancing, singing, intelligence or any other talent relevant for the format of Bhauji No. 1. The judges give the scores to each participant after their performances. Just like every other season of Bhauji No. 1 season 6 has been also a massive success. The host of the show Vinay Anand didn’t leave a stone unturned just like in previous seasons to host the show with a mix of entertainment, fun and the seriousness of the game. The contestants also got a huge platform to showcase their level of confidence and talents they have. The audience also enjoyed the entire season as it was more fun, entertaining and competitive. The season was completely dedicated to the women and women power. Their talent, confidence, an opportunity for them to come out of their normal household lives and try something new and also win one of the biggest titles of such a show with such huge mass appeal.