Hindi Tv Show Auto Wale Babu

Auto Wale Babu Hindi TV SHOWS on ZEE NEWS

Ever seen a Bihari-Aussie journalist running down the streets of the capital city in an auto? ‘Auto Wale Babu’ is a Zee News show, that airs every Wednesday at 7 pm and the host of the show is what catches the eye of the audience. Australian by birth and Indian by heart, Charles Thomson, often called Biharilal, speaks fluent hindi and tours every street under the MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) before the elections. He tries to find out what troubles the people, whether the administrative facilities they are provided with are satisfactory or not, and to whom will they cast their vote.

On his visit to ‘Chandini Chowk’, a shop vendor objected about the fact that there was no provision of toilets for the female population residing in the area and hence not many female vendors could be found. People did not hesitate while sharing their problems with Charles and seemed rather hopeful that he might provide them with a plausible solution. The people in the city were mostly satisfied with the electricity but the water supply had reduced from 24 hours a day to merely 4 hours a day. The supp was free of cost but was infrequent and septic water dirtied the system.

Our Biharilal also observed the lack of dustbins in the area and that is why people threw things at the very place they ate. In another episode of ‘Auto Wale Babu,’ Charles meets Manoj Tiwari, the Delhi BJP Chief and Actor, and the duo talk of Modi Ji, and the improving conditions of the slums. Later, they travel to Inder Puri, a small residential colony in South Delhi. Upon questioning, they tell the reporter, how after Manoj Tiwari became their representative, they have had a better lifestyle. They do not refrain from praising him.

Charles also said that amongst all the leaders they approached, BJP was the first to respond and is well in reach of the people as well. The episode concluded with smiles on the faces of Inder Puri’s children and that said it all. This show not only makes people around the country aware of what is happening but also lets people share their views and opinions on a broader scale. With its friendly and sweet host, ‘Auto Wale Babu’ has a long way to go.