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Astro Boy 2003 is a Japanese animated television series. It was created again by remaking to that of the 1960s which had the same name. Osamu Tezuka directed the 1963 series under his production company Tezuka Productions, Fuji Television network, and Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan. The 2003 series was made with the purpose to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original series. We can say that this series was revised and improved with high-quality animation and graphics. Astro Boy 2003 was a combination of action, adventure and science fiction. It incorporated many dramatic scenes from the early series but presented it in more creative and science fiction themes. The director of this series was Kazuya Konaka. Chiaki J. Konaka has written it.

Takashi Yoshimatsu has given the music. It was started on 6th April 2003 and completed its 50 episodes ending on 28th March 2004. The scientist Professor Ochanomizu reactivated a super-powered robot boy named Atom who is also called Astro Boy in this 2003 series and was given a new life. But he was chased by his real maker Dr Tenma when he was trying to adjust to the new atmosphere among humans. The show depicts the era of 2043 where humans are surrounded by robots and are dependent on them for work. Doctor Tenma of a Metro City uses a new technology Kokoro to construct an AI robot but he, unfortunately, disappears before constructing it.

Professor Ochanomizu becomes head of the Ministry of Science after replacing Tenma. He discovers a robot named Astro which is similar to a boy and brings him to existence in this human world. He was amazed to see the features of that robot like using rocket boosters of hands and feet to fly and other superhuman abilities. The robot acts as a hero for the robot-hating humans and who frightens the city and his friends. A bold robot Blue Knight is then introduced who makes a separate nation for robots called Robotonia. Dr Tenma tries a new attempt to find his lost son. He asks Astro to help him by ruling over the world so that he can search for his son but Astro refuses to do so.

Dr Tenma fails in his attempts, and so he tries to kill himself when Astro comes and saves him. Prof. Ochanomizu arrives there with the robotic police who arrests Dr Tenma and sent him to prison. The series ends with the friendship of robots and humans, and Astro becomes emotional shedding his tears.