Hindi Tv Show Arre Vedya Mana

Arey Vedya Mana Hindi tv-shows on STAR PRAVAH

Arre vidya mana is a story of Madhuri and Swapnil, who despite being quite the opposite of each other, gets married. The question here arises will they make a perfect couple with all the differences? Madhuri is a simple, lovable girl from the small city of Nasik. Madhuri who is the only child of her parents is highly pampered, filled with modern ethics and believes in enjoying every little moment of life. Being a free-spirited girl, she does not want to get married early. In contrast to her is Swapnil. Swapnil, who falls madly in love with this beautiful young girl, is highly ambitious and hails from the city of dreams, Mumbai.

Swapnil believes in achieving big things and is loyal towards his profession of an engineer. He is a handsome, well-built man, a fitness freak, a hard worker. He also does not like to open up; he is an introvert and believes in keeping the entire family together. Swapnil visits Nasik for a project of new construction. While trying to get the exact idea of the project and interacting with workers, his eyes fall on this girl, Madhuri. Madhuri, who is playing with the street dogs, looks extremely beautiful in a black kurta with a colourful dupatta around her neck. As she moves around her anklet makes a slight pleasant noise. Swapnil cannot stop looking at and adoring her.

Swapnil takes the step of getting himself introduced to her. Later on, he expresses the desire of getting married to Madhuri to his family, who then put forward the message to Madhuri’s family. Madhuri who has not yet fallen for Swapnil denies for the marriage. However, Madhuri’s parents convince her to get married to Swapnil, believing that he would keep their daughter prosperous. Madhuri gets married to Swapnil and her life takes a dramatic turn. The girl who was a free bird before marriage finds herself trapped in Swapnil’s joint family. She has to be bound to certain rules of the family, which bothers her, as she has been brought up in an opposite way.

Madhuri who being an extrovert feels of not so good companionship of her introvert husband. The devotion towards work of Swapnil also brings many twists and turns in their relationship. Madhuri finds it difficult to be adjusted with her husband and in-laws. She starts thinking of ways out from her marriage, plots and plans several things. However, with time, Madhuri is matured, and Swapnil turns into a better husband. Madhuri slowly becomes more responsible, and the in-laws give her more space and time. With those fights and screams, support and understanding, Madhuri falls in love with Swapnil. Well said opposite attracts each other.