Hindi Tv Serial Yeh Hai Aashiqui Sun Yaar Try Maar

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Sun Yaar Try Maar Hindi TV SERIALS on Bindass Play

Yeh Hai Ashiqui Sun Try Maar Na Yaar is a Hindi language TV show. This special television show has been telecast by one of the best Hindi TV channels known as Bindass. This is a TV show about stories of love, couples, their best moments, their fights, their story of winning each other's love and, their struggles.

Each episode was based on a love story. The first episode was titled Rakhi Brother. In this episode, the girl falls in love with a guy who is her childhood friend and, has come back to the town after a long span of time. In another episode there is a love story about 2 people in which the guy has a shy personality and, the girl is a host on the late night teleshopping TV channel. He falls in love with her and, there starts their mysterious love story.

One love story was about a girl who falls in love with a boy who is a dentist. Then, every day she visits him complaining to him about a toothache. This love story was termed as a short, sweet and, cute story. Another story was about a couple, the story of whom starts with a huge complication. The guy is one of those who is totally good for nothing. He starts writing love letters to a girl who he starts to like. For making his letters reach the girl he likes he bribes the watchman. But, the watchman ends up making a big mistake as he hands over the letter to that one of that girl's friends. This all gets mixed up and, it becomes a tangled love story.

One story was about two people were making their careers. The girl was an amazing wildlife photographer whereas the guy was a struggling model. The girl helps this guy to build an amazing portfolio which gives him a boost in career. Another love story was about a girl who had just lost her father. There, over this ongoing course of the funeral, a guy falls in love with her and, decides to tell her everything at the same time.

One more love story started when a gang of few friends decides to celebrate Holi out of their town. There they meet a guy who is an amazing bike rider and has left his home as his father does not support his dreams. He is a good looking guy. The lead girl is completely mesmerized by this guy and, falls in love with him.

There have been other episodes with great love stories as well. The TV show has been a big hit.