Hindi Tv Serial Woh Apna Sa

Woh Apna Sa Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV

Woh Apna Sa is an Indian Television drama series produced by Siddharth P Malhotra, which premiered on 23 January 2017 on Zee TV. It is based on the movie also made my Siddharth P Malhotra, We Are Family. The show airs at 10 pm on weekdays.

Disha Parmar is the female protagonist Jaanvi Agarwal; the male protagonist is Aditya Jindal that is played by Sudeep Sahir. The main antagonist of the show is played by Riddhi Dogra that is Nisha Aditya Jindal, wife of Aditya Jindal.

The story begins with the search of Aditya's father, who is an Alzheimer's patient. He somehow lost his way back to home and is hounded by dogs. Nisha doesn't get worried about her father-in-law instead she goes out with her daughters for some Chinese food. Jaanvi somehow manages to save the old man from dogs and then brings him back to his home.

This first episode itself reveals how evil and vicious Nisha is, who just cares about money and status and not about Aditya or his family at all. One the other hand, Jaanvi is a sweet and helpful girl who understands the meaning of love and relationships and respect them as well. Aditya and Jaanvi become friends, and Jaanvi goes to every length to help Aditya and his family. Nisha plays games to undermine Jaanvi but her dedication to helping Aditya doesn't shake. Jaanvi is an ideal girl with kind heart, who helps others even if it puts her in danger. Aditya is a genuinely nice person, who takes care of his family, his ailing father and looks after the business. He is a person who respects relations and gives his all. Whereas, Nisha is portrayed as an evil character, who won't let her status take a hit because of anything. Woh Apna Sa is the story of an unhappy man, whose life is sad because of his vicious, materialistic and evil wife. Nisha can do anything to satisfy her evil motives. Whereas Jaanvi is selfless, who is ready to sacrifice her love to solve the problems in Aditya's life.

Aditya is torn between his duties and emotions. Being the outsider, instead of breaking up the family, Jaanvi tries to bring the family together. Aditya has found his soulmate in Jaanvi, but it's too late as he is already married. So the question arises that whether one will stay with their partner, who doesn't make him happy or choose the soulmate, who would do anything to keep you and your family safe and happy. Koi Apna Sa is a very captivating story and still have held audience’s eyes. It will be interesting to see how the story turns out to be in future. Jaanvi and Aditya be together, or will Nisha succeed in her evil plans?