Hindi Tv Serial Snowdrop

Snowdrop Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

Snowdrop is a Ukrainian television program broadcast in the country of Ukraine by the name of Bessmertnik. Originally revamped from the famous South Korean TV series Ice Adonis which was first serialized on the channel of TVN in the year 2015 in the prime time slot, airing more than one hundred episodes of forty- five minutes each. Owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEEL), Zindagi or Zindagi TV is an Indian entertainment TV channel. It is the first Indian channel to cater content from diverse countries including Turkey, Pakistan. Ukraine, Brazil and South Korea. Zee Zindagi has brought numerous fascinating international TV serials to the Indian spectators in the past couple of years among which Feriha and Fatmagul have caught considerable attention and zoomed up the rating charts becoming exceedingly popular.

Another such gem is this show ‘Snowdrop’ which is telecast on this channel from Monday through Friday at 21:00 IST. The show was not only a mega hit in Ukraine but also won the hearts of many audiences across different countries like Mexico, China, Taiwan and Italy where it was distributed later by the franchise. The serial belongs to the family drama genre and is categorized as a ‘revenge drama’ daily soap involving two step- sisters Nadya and Irina entrenched in a sibling rivalry. The key plot revolves around Nadya Shevchenko played by Marina Dyakonenko who is a warm-hearted and innocent girl and in love with a man named Igor. She lives with her younger sister and their mother who is married to a wealthy man.

Igor Panin played by Valentine Tomusyak is the male lead and the one around which the entire family conflict encircles. He is affluent, successful and the sole heir to a big cosmetics company. Igor and Nadya’s love for each other takes a sudden turn with Nadya getting falsely accused and framed in an accident involving Igor’s sister and as a result, he loses faith and begins to doubt her. Enter Irina Bilous, portrayed by Ekatherina Tyzhkevich who is Nadya’s step- sister and daughter to her father’s second marriage. Seeing a connection to engage Igor, Irina begins to devise a plan to upstage her stepsister Nadya and persuades Igor to marry her.

Nadya must now fight to win back Igor’s trust and love. With their confrontation, we learn the truth about who killed Igor’s sister and the sheer hatred between them begins to unravel. With the passage of time, Nadya continues to fight to uncover the unscrupulous business kingdom that Irina’s family have erected under their name. Meanwhile, Irina learns lessons on forgiveness, humility and love. The very first episode begins with Nadya escaping the prison to stop Irina from marrying her ex-flame Igor and in a hustling attempt to make him understand she trips and falls off the terrace. The serial then goes to the flashback with Nadya wishing to rewind the time.