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Sai Baba/ Sai Baba Tere Hazaroon Hath is the Hindi language based serial which was entirely related to the life and upbringing of Shirdi Sai Baba. Sai Baba was a spiritual Indian leader. He was born in 1836 and passed on in 1918. This Hindi based language serial won the hearts of a number of people, as it was considered as an awesome serial. A lot of people also added that this serial of Shirdi Sai Baba took them to his real existence.

Mukul Nag was the star cast of this serial and the other character was performed by Rama as Alka. Its very first session was brought by Sagar Arts and the other one was by Sagar Pictures. Along with this, the first episode of this serial was televised on 5th of August By Star Plus channel in 2005.

Another version of the story...

Saibaba is a Hindi Mythological serial which was broadcast on Star Plus channel in India. The number of episodes of Sai Baba/ Sai Baba Tere Hazaroon reached 212. The running time of this serial was 52 minutes. The production company of this serial is Sagar arts and Sagar pictures. The story of this serial is about Shirdi Sai Baba. Shirdi Sai Baba was born on 1836 and died on 1918. He was one of the greatest spiritual leaders of India. He invented some new theories regarding spirituality. Mukul Nag has played the role of Sai Baba in this serial. This is the title role of this serial. Because the whole serial is about the life of Sai Baba. Another main character of this serial is Rama which character is played by Alka.

There are two different sessions of this serial. Among them, the first session is called Sai Baba and the second session is called Sai Baba Tere Hazaroon Hath. The producer of the first session was Sagar arts and the second session was Sagar pictures. Mukul Nag Mukul nag has played the main role in this serial as Saibaba. He is a regular actor the films which are based on South India. He is famous for playing the role of Saibaba. He has done lot of serials and he is still working in this industry.

Another Version

Sai Baba Teri Hazaron hath is a Hindi television series aired on the Star Plus channel. Mukul Nag is the lead actor playing the Sai Baba role. Sai Baba, a revered saint, goes on a benevolence quest to help people. In the process, he performs various miracles, which goes everyone astonished. Mukul Nag is an Indian actor. He is best known for playing the sacred saint in the Hindi language historic drama series.