Hindi Tv Serial Paas Ho Tum Door Bhi

Paas Ho Tum Door Bhi Hindi Tv serials on Dd metro

Paas Ho Tum Door Bhi was a drama television serial aired on Doordarshan Metro, Doordarshan International, and Sony international. It aired 45 episodes, each approximately 25 minutes long. The cast was headed by Alok Naath, Beena and Aman Varma. The serial was a high budget affair and was shot in several locations, including London and some Indian cities such as Rajasthan and Delhi. It was one of the first shows to be both shot and broadcast internationally, as well as one of the first shows to veer away from the soap characterization.

The show dealt with the process of young people emigrating from India to get better prospects. It showed the problems they suffered from and it also showed the problems suffered by the parents of those who migrated. It concentrated on the relatively new phenomenon of the breaking up of the family into smaller units. The serial also passed a strong message of filial love, as it showed the distance between the families as being a catalyst that brought them closer. The serial was aired to highlight the emerging issues of immigration and westernisation. It passed a message that though change is good, traditional values should always be important and be kept close to the heart.