Hindi Tv Serial Neem Neem Shahad Shahad

Neem Neem Shahad Shahad Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Neem Neem Shahad Shahad is the typical drama series aired on Sahara one based on a Gujrati family. The story focusses on the relationship between two sisters, Sonali and Nirali, by Amrapali Gupta and Khyati Mangla respectively. One sister believes in the joint family and its values but other one is in favor of a nuclear family, where she doesn’t have any interference of anyone in their private lives. Naresh Malhotra very delicately directs the show. The first priority of the creator of this show is taking full care of Indian values.

Sonali is a very strong-willed girl and well connected to her social roots. The story gets interesting when both the sisters are married to the cousins and have to live in the same house with different living styles. The story revolves around both the sisters as to how they adjust in a big Guajarati family without losing their moral values. The conflicts caused by this and other factors lead to many changes in the lives.

Sonali and Nirali have to face lots of family problems and solve them, but sometimes they trapped in atrocious situations. So, how at the end they escaped from it, is the highlight of the show. Anas Khan as Deven and Varun Sharma as Chirag amazed all viewers with their supreme class of acting. The drama series shows us that every generation has its values, but both the generations have some plus and minus points too.