Hindi Tv Serial Mukkammal

Mukkammal Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Mukkammal serial telecasted in 2003-2004 and very much inspired by India’s epic Mahabharata. 'Deepti Naval', 'Anoop Soni', 'Amit Behal', 'Rahul Vohra', 'Bharat Kapoor', 'Meghna Malik', 'Kiren Juneja' are some of people casted in this serial and this serial was shown on Sahara One channel.

The story is about modern day Draupadi; a Mahabharata character, who is searching for a perfect man for her. The story talks about how she gets attracted towards different men for their different qualities. She (Deepti Naval) likes one particular quality of each of five different men who comes in different walks of her life and gets involved with them including her husband. She is in search of a perfect (that is what is called Mukkammal; the serial’s name) men for her and also perfection in her. However, while doing so, she finds that the counterpart got involved in her and wants to take their relation physical. But she is more interested in a platonic side of the relationship rather than physical. So the story is all about how she struggles to change their views towards her.

So one can say that Mukkammal is a story of inter linking relationships and it is a story of every woman who is in search of a perfect man for herself. This is a story about Indian women who have to withstand men’s complexity, it is about how men in our society can freely talk about their affairs or feelings. Whereas, women are not even permitted to talk even about their male friends. Where women mutely accept men’s affairs, she has to keep mum on her feeling too. All the characters are well to say and the dialogues are deep with lots of understanding.