Hindi Tv Serial Million Dollar Girl

Million Dollar Girl Hindi tv-serials on Channel V

Million Dollar Girl, Banaras to Paris. The name itself gives away the plot about the main character Avani, initially played by Sharmin Kazi and then replaced by Sana Amin Sheikh. Avani is a small towner from Banaras with dreams in her eyes sparkling. She wants to live a fancy life, with an expensive taste in everything she owns. She pictures her life as a celebrity with expensive cars, paparazzi following her, significant business tycoons wanting to join hands in business endeavours. However, she is brought back to her reality by her family members.

Vikram Singh Chauhan plays the opposite lead role as Virat in the show; he plays an arrogant assertive character, who at the same time loves and cares for his family dearly. Actor Mithil Jain also stars in the serial, playing the role of Gajothar, egocentric older brother of Virat, who only wants to stand in the way of Virat and create nuisances for Virat to clear up. Actor Hitesh Bhardwaj will too be seen in the serial playing the character of Vicky, a friend of Avani’s, who owns a Dhaba and is more popularly known as Sherlock of Banaras in the serial. He adds the element of humour in the show to keep up the spirit of the show.

The show beautifully portrays how self-belief and confidence can lead you to fulfil your dreams accompanied with hard work and dedication. Avani proves in the serial that no conservative society can stop her from achieving her goals, and she can live her life in her own way. Naturally, the show is a popular hit among the city’s youth since it portrays the reality of dreams among most youngsters in our country. It’s a gripping show that will keep you on the seat with all the drama, twists and turns.

In all, the serial is produced by the Beyond Dreams Entertainment production house primarily by Yash Patnaik. The production house has already presented famous and popular shows like Sadda Haq and Veera- Ek Veer ki Ardas. This too is a serial, pretty popular among the urban youth, doing wonders. The short life of the series starting in December and ending in June the next year ended with an illness Avani had to fight through to get her life in place. The closing of the season will leave you asking for the next season for sure.