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‘Chhupau kaise laga chunari mein daag’ is a Doordarshan Channel's serial by RDG production started in the year 2015. Producer and director of this series Rupesh D Gohil is directing many Bollywood and Tamil movies since ages. In this serial, he tried to reveal a struggling life with love and romance, enhancing the lives of adversaries. The lead character Vidhi is a small town girl from Bhopal who is striving hard for a single break in Bollywood. She had learned acting from her father, and she believes that acting is an art connected to one’s heart. Pretense is equal to faking around and insulting that art. Vidhi, being a small town girl initially gets scared about will she be able to cope up with the challenges. Because she has a positive attitude, she tries to spread happiness wherever she goes.

Along with that, she is also diligent. and passionate about her dreams. Vidhi is a beautiful girl with a kind heart. She faces many circumstances, though continues her journey towards success. She befriends with Munna, a local guy who helps her in buying a house in Mumbai. She stays with an old lady who shares a compartment with her. After four months of fetching work, finally a South Indian movie director Reddy gives her a chance in his film. But still, this brings along many other challenges. She comes across many hostile people from the Film industry. Meanwhile, she meets Prem Nand, Bollywood Superstar who has ample of pride over his looks and success. But eventually, they both fall for each other. He supports her struggling phase of life, which takes a turn in the story.

In the process of success, they are surrounded by many negative people who stop them from coming together. Ankita, another character, is also an actress who is Prem’s best friend. Vidhi replaces Ankita in a movie... This brings a feeling of jealousy and revenge in Ankita. She tries a lot to rip apart the connection within Vidhi and Prem. Ankita is playing a negative role in the story. Once Prem leaves Mumbai for shooting, and Vidhi is left alone to handle all the challenges created by Ankita. Still, she manages to overcome all of them. The never-ending love between Vidhi and Prem is described beautifully in the serial. The story revolves around Vidhi's struggling life having film Industry background The previous cast of Laga Chunari Mein Daag is replaced by Jeenal Belani playing Vidhi and Sachin Chhabra as Prem Nandan.