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Hindi Tv Serial Kavita

Kavita Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Kavita was an Indian Television Drama which was Broadcasted on the Star Plus channel in the year of1998. It was produced by Ekta Kapoor Ekta Kapoor; a legendry producer in Indian TV and >> Read More... and Sobha Kapoor, under their production company named Balaji Telefilms Ltd. The lead roles were played by 'Smriti Irani'(Balaji Telefilms Ltd. The lead roles were played by 'Smriti Irani' (Kavita) and Ram Kapoor Ram Kapoor is an acclaimed and renowned television >> Read More... (Rishi Grover).

Kavita is the story of a girl who belongs to a middle-class family. She is the person who prioritises her self -respect and dignity, and above all, she wants to be an Independent woman and tries to search for a suitable job., She gets hired in a hotel as a waitress where she meets her boss (Rishi Grover). Rishi, a very rich business tycoon, likes talking to Kavita as he finds her to be a very hard working and loyal person., Rishi tries to help Kavita in every possible manner whenever she is in need of him and soon this spread rumours about them that they are seeing each other spreads everywhere.Soon Rishi realises about his feelings for Kavita but gets to know about her engagement with someone else. Rishi’s sister also gets the whiff about something brewing between her brother and Kavita to which Rishi denies whole-heartedly.

The very next day, Kavita’s fiancé calls off their engagement because of the rumours about her and Rishi. On Hearing this, Rishi immediately rushes to comfort comes in Kavita’s at her home, but is greeted by the wrath of her dad who blames him for spoiling Kavita’s life now and when Kavita’s father asks him as to who will marry her after all the shame, Rishi finally confesses to him that he wants to marry her.On hearing the conversation between Rishi and her father, Kavita gets annoyed because she thinks that Rishi is only doing a favour on her. But when Rishi explains to her that he does really love her, she agrees to marry him. On their wedding night, Rishi’s friends get him drunk and when he enters the bedroom where Kavita is patiently waiting for him, he collapses.

The next day Rishi apologises to Kavita for his behaviour. But Kavita’s struggles have just begun as she constantly endures insults from her Mother –in- law who dislikes her and also against the marriage but her Father –in- law treats her like his daughter. Later her father-in-law tells her that the only way she can bring peace into the house is if she shifts somewhere else or quits her job. She finally quits her job but is forced to work again in order to repay the money; Rishi had given for her mother’s operation, and she faces trouble when her new boss forces her to take advantage of her rich in-laws to get new assignments. Rishi agrees to this, but Kavita refuses his help as she doesn’t want to lose the faith of her mother- in –law and destiny soon favour her and she manages to solve all her problems.

Kavita did not gain much TRP compared to the other serials of Ekta Kapoor whereas the role of Kavita played by Smriti Irani was received very well . This was the first serial in which Ram Kapoor played the role of a romantic character.