Hindi Tv Serial Kam Ya Zyaada

Kam Ya Zyaada Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
Kam Ya Zyaada is a quiz show on India that was broadcasted on Zee TV channel every weekday at 8:30 PM in December 5, 2005. This is an adaptation of the show, Gimme Five in Denmark. It has a prize amount of Rs. 30 million, which is one of the highest prizes given in a reality show in India. The prize will trim down to three contestants playing the next round and the contestant with highest money in the first two rounds will play in the final round and will have the chance to win the jackpot prize. The format of the show is basically a quiz contest show. Each question is answerable by Kam (Less) and Zyaada (More) which will add more chances of winning. The show was hosted by Bollywood actor, Manoj Bajpai. 
Kam Ya Zyaada is divided into three rounds. The first round is the Pratham Chkra which begins with five persons competing in the game. Manoj will ask five questions and they need to answer it with Kam or Zyaada. They will have 60 seconds to answer each question and once they answered the first question right, they will get a remaining time out of 60 seconds x Rs 1000. So if a contestant has a remaining time of 30 seconds, he will have a total of Rs 30,000 (30 seconds x 1000). When the first round is complete, the top three contestants will go to the second round. 
The second round is the Dwiteeya Chkra which consists of three questions with a bid. If a contestant bids a question and he answered it right, the contestant will get the money, but if he answered it wrong, then the bid amount will be subtracted from his remaining balance. However, if he is unsure about his answer, the contestant can hand the question to other contestant but he will risk losing his money. The contestant with the highest score will move to the final round. 
The final round is the Trateeya Chkra which consists of five questions. When the contestant is done answering the questions, he will decide how many questions he answered correctly. The prize money will depends on the contestant’s estimated correct number of answers. If he answered and predicts that the five questions were answered correctly, then he will get the jackpot prize of Rs. 30 Million.