Hindi Tv Serial Kahani Dharti Ki

Kahani Dharti Ki Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Kahani Dharti Ki’ was an edition of 26 video serial telecast on Doordarshan. It was telecast every Tuesday on DD National at 9.30 am to 10.00am. The telecast began on March 5, 2013. The serial proved various facts of planet earth for viewers.

It was a science fiction that covered the physical and geographical aspects of planet earth and our whole eco-system that impacts our environment. The serial also explained the viewers that people will have to understand our planet earth well and still live with various threats and challenges which may occur due to changes in the ecosystem.

The first episode states the evolution of life in the land began 4.2 billion years ago. Later, the evolution of life on earth from pre-Cambrian to Neogene period was telecast. It even showed the interdependence of animal and plant on earth. It proved soil is the skin of mother earth. The telecast narrated how irrigation, forest, groundwater, coastal lines had kept an enormous impact on our civilization. The serial also focused on deserts, seas, oceans and continents that keep changing our climate condition and bring even hazards sometimes.

Despite all this we need to tap our energy resources and understand the impact of global warming and the climate change. It also highlighted the development of mega cities on earth and what would be the future challenges of our earth. The series was produced by Vigyan Prasar Vigyan Prasar is a knowledge-based show in the Hin >> Read More... based on different aspects of planet earth.