Hindi Tv Serial Kaash

Kaash was a Hindi language TV show. The TV show was a daily TV soap opera. Kaash TV serial was telecasted by one of the leading TV channels. Kaash has been an extremely special TV show on the TV screens as it was one of the first ever TV shows telecasted on the Sony TV Channel. Kaash has also been special because it was the first ever TV show with music and songs on the TV screens. No channel had ever done that with the TV serials. The TV show had been directed and produced by Pavan Kaul. Pavan Kaul introduced Vaidehi, Govind Namdev and, Gautam Chaturvedi as lead in this TV daily soap opera. Kaash was one of those serials that revolved around the story of a family in the Indian society.

The story of the serial was dependent upon a family, its battlegrounds, conflicts, love, conspiracies, loyalty, relations, and songs. The family story revolves around Vaidehi, Govind, Namdev and, Gautam Chaturvedi. There have been a lot of ups and downs in the story. The story takes turn where Anand’s marriage has been decided with Juhi. But, the sister of Anand who is Rashmi Devi keeps on trying new methods, making new plans, doing new tricks up her sleeve to stop her brother to complete his marriage with Juhi. It was not just the story of the TV show that made the headlines in the newspapers and, way to audience’s heart, but the beautiful tracks of the serial also created history.

The most famous tracks of the TV serial were; Hum Nasheen Dekho Aaye Hum Nasheen, Agar Mai Vaada Krun Saath Na Chorne Ka, Ye Raat Ye Chand Mehmaan Hai Humare and, Tanha Hum Tere Bina. These popular tracks of the TV show were sung beautifully by Kavita Krishnamurthy and, Kumar Sanu. The tracks in the TV serial complimented the story as well as all the characters and situations. The songs truly justified the love, wait, care, loyalty and conspiracies in the serial. Kaash has been one of the biggest TV shows as it was the debut of Sony Entertainment TV Channel. The TV show has made big headlines for its story and tracks. Kaash TV show came on air in 1997 for the audiences. The viewers applauded the TV show, its cast and characters, the musical tracks and, above all the story of the serial. Pavan Kaul did a great job with his actors.