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Jasoos Vijay Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Jasoos Vijay is an Indian detective television show which is produced by the BBC World Service Trust. The show’s aim was to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS among the people of India. The show has run for about three seasons that aired till September 2006.Jasoos Vijay revolves around a detective named Vijay and his assistant, Gauri. In each series, Vijay solves around one case. The series ends with Om Puri visiting rural areas and speaking to people and thus creating awareness about HIV/AIDS. The show was a huge success. It brought to the viewer's real life problems and incidents that people face across the country.

Thus, it made people aware of a number of things. It was rated as one of the top ten rated television shows. The fundamental elements of the show included HIV/AIDS and identifying the culprit. In this show, Vijay was showed as an HIV positive person and how he faced the discrimination and also made attempts to spread the knowledge to others. It was also related to other matters like dowry and violence against women. The show was open to viewers writing and discussing the issues portrayed in the show. Om Puri, at the end of the series, would open the letters sent by the viewers.

Season 1 of the show had around 120 episodes. The show was also dubbed in five other languages including Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. It was also cast in Thailand, Cambodia, and parts of Africa. The second season had around 25 episodes. The third season aired on 4th September 2005 and had around 50 episodes. This season also saw Vijay encountering tuberculosis. With time, Vijay and Gauri retired and handed over the responsibility of the upcoming cases to the two new assistants Jeet and Parvati. Jasoos Vijay was accepted and received very well by the audience. Its format of opening up the show to viewers and inviting their suggestions made it very popular. It even got a lot of positive response from the people in the form of emails and letters.

It had a really nice concept to show reality to the viewers and making people aware of the things that happen around them. Om Puri presented the series at the end of the episodes. He addressed the issues, visited, and spoke to people. Adil Hussain played Jasoos Vijay, the protagonist. Minha Zamir was Gauri who was Vijay’s assistant and later become his wife in the show. Vaibhav Talwar was Jeet the new assistant who was assigned Vijay’s post after he retired. Nupur Joshi played Parvati who was also another assistant to Vijay and then fell in love with Jeet. The show aired on the Doordarshan channel for about 25 minutes.