Hindi Tv Serial Hum Phir Milenge

Hum Phir Milenge Hindi Tv serials on Dd national

Hum Phir Milenge’ was a serial telecast on Doordarshan that gained highest TRP ratings. It was telecast for a total number of 80 episodes. It is a story of a brave maid-servant who finally becomes a business tycoon and takes revenge upon the people who provided her inhuman treatment in life. It is a tale of Chandni Malik (played by Rakshanda Khan), a maidservant in the house of mill owner Bhupendra Singh. While working in the house of Mr. Singh, she faced inhuman treatment, and hence she decides to move to the city. Then she starts her own business in a small rented shop. Life changes for her, and she becomes an established business tycoon in the city. She protected her brother Arjun (played by Vineet Rana) and later finds that her own brother had betrayed her trust.

Later even her own daughter Sonali falls in love with Bhupendra Singh’s grandson. Will she able to take revenge on Bhupendra? This is the story of the whole serial. The producer and series director was Rakesh Chowdhary, and it was co-directed by Vijay Pandey. The music was composed by Sapan Jagmohan and writer of the serial was Mir Muneer. The editor was Kishan Sapru, and the art director was Ajit Patnaik. The cast included Raj Zutshi, Vineet Raina, Vaishali, Mona Nahata, Rakshanda Khan, Kuldeep Dubey, Priya Bhatia and Vipul Roy. It was from this serial that actress Rakshanda Khan became a very popular TV star.