Hindi Tv Serial Hum Hai Na

Hum Hai Na - The serial is about a young lady Bunty based in Benaras. Although this is a love story, the story revolves around male protagonist character Bunty. Sagarika comes from London, and she is excited to be back at Benaras as it is her birth place. Here at a wedding ceremony of Bunty’s elder brother, she meets Bunty, and they fall in love. It is a light-hearted tale of Bunty and how he handles three women in his life, mother, sister and his love interest happy is all about this series.A friend of Bunty named Satya ( Ketki Kadam) is jealous of the fact that Sagarika is getting the maximum attention of Bunty and tries to hurt Sagarika and even Bunty, but she fails in her mission. The love story of Sagarika and Bunty as essayed by Kanwar Dhillon and Pratyusha Banerjee came to a happy end. Audiences applauded their on-screen chemistry.

The show had started in September 2014 and had completed its last episode on March 19, 2015. It had achieved six months run on Sony TV channel.