Hindi Tv Serial Ek Do Teen Char

Ek Do Teen Char Hindi Tv serials on Doordarshan



Ek Do Teen Char was a Children’s Mystery show which was about four childhood friends Johnny ( Ali Asgar), Arif ( Vikas Khanna), Baba Shetty (Love Baronia) and Ramu (Suraj Karani) who solve mysteries together while taking a sarcastic approach on the society at that time. It aired on Doordarshan and DD Metro usually on weekends. The show highlighted rudimentary positive traits such as friendship, loyalty, honesty, etc. And their importance in society. They even got help from a dog named Bruno in times of peril. The dog helped them in their mysterious sleuthing, catching thieves, and also as a messenger. Together they stopped kidnappings, murders, exploitation, corruption and what not. The show mainly targets on the child audience and was one of the leading shows of that time. The episodes always had a message to give related to malpractices in the society as well such as dowry, discrimination, etc. The show succeeds in providing these messages fittingly even though it included light-hearted comedy. These four friends came from different societies and backgrounds, but they all shared common goals. This portrayal of the kids belonging to different religions, and regions of India united as wholly made it easier for a varied variety of kids to relate to these characters, which was one of the reasons which made it widely accepted.

One of the four actors namely Ali Asgar who played as Johnny is still working and portraying the role of “ Naani” on “ The Kapil Sharma Show”. Asgar on track at an premature age, worked in subsidiary roles throughout the 90’s to 2000’s and even Bollywood, for him it was the first character of his career, which led to his success by appearing in popular shows such as “ Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii” as Kamal Aggarwal, his lead role in “ Jeannie Aur Juju”, as well as in Movies such as many movies like, “Horn OK Please”, ‘ Khalnayak’, ‘ Raaz’, ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’ , ‘ Josh’, ‘ Sunday’, ‘ Karzzzz’, “ Do Knot Disturb”, “ Tees Maar Khan” and a lot more. The Opening Credits of the show were shot at “Appu Ghar” which used to be a popular Children’s park at New Delhi. India's principal amusement park, Appu Ghar situated in Pragati Maidan was inaugurated on November 19, 1984, and was very popular at that time. Spreading over 18 acres of land, it contained 20 diverse rides and a water park in its vicinity. Appu Ghar productively operated for two decades before closing down.