Hindi Tv Serial Do Saheliyaan - Kismat Ki Kathputaliyaan

Do Saheliyaan - Kismat Ki Kathputaliyaan Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Do Saheliyaan… Kismat Ki Kathputaliyaan is an Indian drama television series from Zee TV. The show started on March 1, 2010 and ends on July 9, 2010, produced by Ratna Sinha Ratna Sinha is the director of the popular Hindi s >> Read More... under Chota Ganpati Telecreations production house.

The series was shot in Rajathan, India and evolves in the prohibited friendship of the wealthy Maithili (played by Sulagna Panigrahi Sulagna Panigrahi is a skilled and renowned actres >> Read More... ) and the poor Bhavri (played by Ankita Srivastava). The two are the best of friends, but they can’t be together due to their distinct status in life and monetary backgrounds.

When the two are still young, Bhavri’s uncle Badri (played by Jatin Shah Jatin Shah is one of the famous actors on Indian T >> Read More... ), elopes with Roop (played by Mouni Roy Mouni was born on 28th September 1985 in Cooch Beh >> Read More... ), Maithili’s aunt. This leads to a chaos in both castes. Maithili tries to rescue Bhavri, but she had been caught in the uproar. Toral (played by Sakshi Tanwar Sakshi Tanwar is a leading Indian television and f >> Read More... ), Bhavri’s mother, learned that Maithili is in danger so she runs into them. Toral takes the strike when Maithili’s brother is about to unintentionally hit Maithili. This lead to Toral’s death and Badri was separated from Roop.

Maithili’s grandmother declares that Roop is such an embarrassment and informed the latter that Badri is already dead. Badri, whose life is in danger, leaves his village. Kalindi, younger sister of Toral appears on her funeral, traumatized by the death of her sister and guarantees vengeance on the Rajputs. She marries Bhavri’s father (played by Ravi Gosain).

When the two main characters grows up, Roop and Badri was eventually unifies. Due to this, Maithili’s grandmother and Bhavri’s father hoped to get the two girls so they can marry and stay out of any trouble. Kalindi grabs this chance to humiliate Maithili. Maithili’s wedding with Shaurya Singh Shekhawat (played by Gaurav Chaudhary Gaurav Chaudhary is a Television actor and a model >> Read More... ) was already fixed. Kalindi went to Shaurya’s camp and switch Maithili’s picture with Bhavri’s, to make Shaurya believes that Maithili’s family tries to betray him. When Shaurya saw the picture, he fell in love with Bhavri.

Because of the rumors that Maithili’s grandmother spread about Bhavri, she was not able to arrange her marriage easily. Later, the cultured and talented Anadi (played by Raunaq Ahuja Raunaq Ahuja is an Indian Television actor, who ha >> Read More... ) agrees to marry Bhavri. The two girls does not have an idea on whom they will marry until the wedding day. They will wed on the same day, so Maithili send Bhavri the same dress as her own. They will also have the same honeymoon location and the same train.

But something happened. The train accidentally crashed. Shaurya anxiously searched for his bride and saw the unconscious face of Bhavri, the girl with whom he sees in the picture. He picked Bhavri and takes her away from the rubble. Maithili went to Anadi and they both searched for their spouses. But they couldn’t find them so Anadi brings Maithili home. When Bhavri wakes up, she saw Shaurya and assumed that it was Anadi. She did not ask for his name, thinking that it would be disrespectful. Shaurya gives Bhavri a nickname and the misunderstandings continues. Bhavri fell in love with him and continue their relationship.

Anadi’s family assumes that Maithili is her daughter-in-law. His father was injured due to an accident and because of this the two were forced to continue the simulation. His family became attached to Maithili. Meanwhile, when Shaurya asked Bhavri to go to her family, she met Anadi. Then he explained to her that he is her husband. Bhavri tries to recall everything and realizes that Shaurya is a wrong man. Because of this, she committed suicide but Anadi saves her.

At the end of the story, Bhavri became pregnant with Shaurya but his family founds out about Bhavri’s true identity. They threw her out of their house. Bhavri doesn’t want to call her child a bastard, so she let everyone believes that Anadi was the gather of her child. She started using drugs and attempt to seduce Anadi but failed. Eventually, Maithili and Bhavri reconcile and the baby was born prematurely. Bhavri dies but they promised that her daughter will marry Maithili’s son when they grow up.