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Dill Mill Gayye is a medical drama show which aired on Star One on weekdays at 8:00 PM. It ran successfully from 20th August 2007 to 29th October 2010 which consisted of two seasons. It is a sequel to the serial “Sanjivani - A Medical Boon”, another successful series that aired on Star Plus. The show follows the stories of a new league of medical interns at the hospital. More specifically, it focuses on Dr. Armaan Malik and Dr. Ridhima Gupta's love story. Karan Singh Grover portrayed the role of Dr. Armaan Malik. Dr. Riddhima Gupta’s character saw three actresses taking up the role – Shilpa Anand, Sukirti Kandpal, and Jennifer Winget. The show resumes with the characters from “Sanjivani” along with the medical interns who joined the hospital. It deals with the various issues in their lives.

The drama, pressures, romance, humor, and interpersonal relationships, of the characters, all get highlighted through the course of the show. The first season introduces us to the various characters at the hospital Sanjivani. It shows us the five interns and what their characters are like today. Dr. Riddhima Gupta and Dr. Anjali Gupta are the daughters of Dr. Shashank Gupta, who makes a return in this show. The interns Dr. Armaan Malik, Dr. Sapna Shah, and Dr. Atul Joshi also appear for the viewers of the show. Dr. Shashank is the head of the hospital and plays an integral role in the series. He is also the father of Dr. Riddhima and Dr. Anjali, and this is an extra layer of conflict and tension in the show. Through the course of the show, we see Armaan and Riddhima fall in love in spite of their initial friction. Atul and Anjali too fall in love. Sapna gets married and finally leaves Sanjivani.

The story continues with various twists and turns as all their lives continue to progress. At the end of the first season, we see Riddhima and Armaan entangled in a shootout as soon as they get engaged. The second season kicks off by introducing us to five new interns at the hospital. Dr. Siddhant Modi, Dr. Naina Mehta, Dr. Yuvraj Oberoi, Dr. Jitendra Prasad, and Dr. Tamanna Patil are the fresh interns at Sanjivani. Yuvraj and Naina like each other. Siddhant loves Tamanna, but she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. She instead goes to Canada with Aniket, her fiance. Dr. Riddhima returns to the hospital, nine months since the end of Season one where she and Armaan got shot. She gets to know that Armaan left since he didn’t love her anymore. This news leaves her heartbroken. She later finds out that this was not true. Armaan sustained injuries in the shootout. He even took a bullet to his head, and this led to him developing a mental illness. He believes himself to be a child and continues to act like one. The story follows their lives as each of the characters tries to solve the problems in their life. 

Another Version of the Story....

Dill Mill Gayye is a Medical-Drama, broadcast on STAR One channel. It is the sequel to the television series, Sanjeevani – A Medical Boon, on STAR Plus. Dill Mill Gayye started airing on August 20th, 2007 and went on till October 29th, 2010 and completed a total of two seasons. Season 1 started in the the year 2007 and Season 2 commenced in 2009. Dill Mill Gayye’s first season revolves around the lives of Sanjeevani’s doctors and surgical interns.

It started with five interns Dr. Riddhima Gupta (played by Shilpa Anand, Sujirti Kandpal and Jennifer Winget), Dr. Anjali Gupta (Sunaina Gulia), Dr. Armaan Malik (Karan Singh Grover), Dr. Atul Joshi (Pankit Thakker) and Dr. Sapna Shah (Muskaan Mihani). Sr. Shashank Gupta (played by Mohnish Behl) is still playing a pivotal role as the head of Sanjeevani hospital. In this season, Armaan and Riddhima fall in love while Atul falls for Anjali, the sister of Riddhima. Sapna gets married and leaves the hospital. Interns Dr. Rahu Garewal (Mayank Anand), Dr. Muskaan Chadda (Drashti Dhami) and Dr. Nikita Malhorta (Shweta Gulati) make their entry in this season. Rahul and Muskaan’s family plans about their marriage but they don’t agree because Rahul is in love with Riddhima and Muskaan is in love with Armaan. Later in the story, Rahul and Muskaan fall for each other, but they end their relationship because of some difficulties. Nikita falls for the senior doctor, Abhimanyu Modi (Amit Taandon).

The series ends with Armaan and Riddhima being shot after their engagement. Jiah (Preeti Amin), the wife of Abhimanyu will make a comeback. Dill Mill Gayye’s second season started with interns, Dr. Siddhant Modi (Karan Wahi), Dr. Jitendra Prasad (Prasad Barve), Dr. Yuvraj Oberoi (Sehban Azim), Dr. Tamanna Patil (Moulshree Sachdeva) and Dr. Naina Mehta (Neha Jhulka). In this season, Naina and Yuvraj fall for each other while Wahi), Dr. Jitendra Prasad (Prasad Barve), Dr. Yuvraj Oberoi (Sehban Azim), Dr. Tamanna Patil (Moulshree Sachdeva) and Dr. Naina Mehta (Neha Jhulka).

In this season, Naina and Yuvraj fall for each other while Siddhant is in love with Tamanna. But the latter makes Siddhant realize that it’s just a crush. Tamanna goes to Canada along with her fiance. Riddhima returns to the hospital and befriends Siddhant and ends up marrying him. Riddhima tries to move on and forget about her past and slowly, the two fall in love with each other. Armaan will return to the hospital which leads to a misunderstanding between Riddhima and Siddhant.

But the two save their marriage. Yuvraj and Naina break up while Suvarna Modi (Madhura Naik), the sister of Yuvraj and Siddhant goes to the US and Shilpa Malhotra (Shilpa Anand), half-sister of Riddhima enters the hospital. She will start to like Armaan after a rough start. Siddhant and Riddhima remarry in this season and go for their honeymoon. However, their marriage is not successful. Dill Mill Gayye was directed by Nissar Parvez, Aniruddh Rajderekar, Rahul Agarwal and Amit Mallik and produced under the banner of Cinevistaas Limited.