Hindi Tv Serial Chittod Ki Rani Padmini Ka Johur

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Chittod Ki Rani Padmini Ka Johur - This historical serial is Nitin Chandrakant Desai's creation who is a national award winner for his outstanding work in Indian cinema. The story revolves around the courageous queen of Chittod. The story begins when Rana Ratan Singh meets Priness Padmavati, daughter of King Ratnasen of Singhaldweep. Priness Padmavati is a very brave and strong-willed young girl. They both fall in love but still Ratan Singh has to win her over. After winning every contest he married her. They get married to each other without taking permission from Ratan Singh’s family. When they go to Chittod, her husband gives her a new name, Padmini.

At first, her mother-in-law and Naagmati, her husband’s first wife, don’t approve of their wedding. Naagmati’s son Yashovardhan doesn’t like Padmini, so they try a lot to sabotage the marriage. Mukesh Rishi Mukesh Rishi is one of the best actors who has don >> Read More... Mukesh Rishi as Sultan Ala-ud-din Khilji wants to conquer Chittod, so due to that Padmini faces a lot of terrible situations at home and outside. Her husband’s first wife Naagmati schemes to ruin Padmini’s life but every time they lose. Naagmati tries a lot that Padmini cannot have a good time with Ratan Singh. Khilji also does lots of tricks and Padmini faces him pretty cleverly all the time.

Khilji visits Chittod and demands to see Padmini in front of everyone. He wanted to humiliate Ratan Singh and Padmini but Padmini smartly handles the situation. Tejaswini Lonari Tejaswini Lonari is a popular Hindi television act >> Read More... Tejaswini Lonari looked very spontaneous in the role of queen Padmini and Rohit Bakshi Rohit Bakshi is an Indian Television actor who is >> Read More... Rohit Bakshi has done a commendable job as Ratan Singh. The show gave us the feel of historical days and their luxurious lives.