Hindi Tv Serial Chi and Me

Chi and Me Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

​Chi and Me show is a fun- filled show for kids. It is about a kid named Sachin (played by Anshul Sharma)– who is trying to adjust to the big city life. An adventure tale that is based on a children’s Hindi science fiction aired on Zee TV. The first episode of Chi and Me was telecasted on December 2004 and the final episode was telecast in July 2006. In general, we can say that it is based on a science fiction with drama. The story is based on a 12 yr old boy - Sachin - a bubbly and naughty kid who is brought up in a small town of Dalhousie by his mother.The details of Chi and Me cast can be found on the sidebar.

Rahul a scientist by profession, working for a national space research institution and lives with his wife and two daughters. Rahul’s friend Avi has a son named Sachin. Avi, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances 2 years ago, suddenly calls Rahul one day. Rahul lands up in Dalhousie to meet Avi. As Rahul is unable to locate Avi he is left with no option other than bringing back Sachin to Mumbai - to take care of his education. Initially, the alien Chi comes into his life - who is his only friend. Chi has some amazing powers – he is able to move any object from a distance. With the help of Chi, Sachin is able to change the view of people around him so that they feel sorry for him. Soon he wins over the 2 kids of Rahul’s.