Hindi Tv Serial Baigan Raja

Baigan Raja Hindi tv-serials on DD NATIONAL

Baigan Raja is a comedy show which used to air on Doordarshan. The show started on DD Metro in the late 80s which included an afternoon show which used to run for one hour. It also included programs related to children’s fables and then a section of Baigan Raja. Baigan Raja was a comic character which used to crack jokes and thus used to make the audience laugh. Thus his dialogue's and the comic effect made the going of the show and maintained the attention of the viewers. Thus along with a tales of children it used to show some sections of Baigan Raja. Thus DD TV used to telecast such shows which gained a lot of popularity among the audience. The shows shown in 90s were the best serials of the generation.

During those days people used to love these daily soaps so much that they used to watch them on a black and white TV if they were not having a coloured TV. Even it helped the notable actors to reach to their stardom through them. Artists like ' Shah Rukh Khan' started his career with a television show which used to air on DD TV. The plot of the series rotates round the importance of vegetables. The characters in the show used to dress up like a vegetable and thus showed the importance of veggies in our life. They laid emphasis on eating vegetables in an individual’s life and how much energy and proteins one gets from consuming them. Thus taking the shapes of tubers also helped to the profits of the vendors as people started buying more and more of veggies.

They used to telecast its episodes in the afternoon slot so that they are able to target more and more of people to their show. They want this time slot because it would to watching more episodes by the people and especially by housewives and children and that too during vacations as they are mainly at home at the particular time. Thus, in turn they could get more TRP for their show. Thus the main aim of the makers were to target the maximum amount of audience they could and to do so they used to bring something or the other thing different in the story so that it appeals to the viewers. The show was liked a lot by the children as it mostly talked about them. Even the parents were happy that their lad is watching such a show as there was nothing immoral and abusive in it which could hamper the mind of young fella's.