Hindi Tv Serial Arjun

Arjun Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Arjun was an Indian crime fiction TV series that has been aired on Star Plus. The series started airing from 11 August 2012 till 23 February 2014. The basic plot of the series is about a rebellious cop, Arjun Rawte (Shaleen Malhotra) who is transferred to Emergency Task Force (ETF) that solves cases linked to high profile individuals.

The crime fiction revolves around the dark past that haunts Arjun, a grim and unfriendly guy and the brutal killing of his wife Roshni (Sameksha Singh). Since then, Arjun’s only aim in life is to find the murderer and kill him. The cases had the force looking for a girl who was kidnapped and deals with crimes such as honour killing, human trafficking, murder, superstition and of course Arjun’s sharp intelligence, agility, and alacrity in solving the cases filled with a labyrinth of murders, terrorists, assassins and scammers with mind-boggling plots.

It’s all about action, and there are times, when it goes the filmy way, like when Arjun though hit with a bullet, is able to swim, take on the goons and save the girl without as much as flinching! Arjun was India’s answer to the crime-drenched, investigation-heavy Hollywood TV dramas with each episode unraveling a new, thrilling case that the superhero will solve.

He will be the new symbol of good, an annihilator of crime and all things evil. Against the book, averse to authority, breaker of rules, Arjun with his brilliance, skills, and prowess will prove to be the ultimate foe to criminals all over.